The logic of information and processes in system-of-systems applications


A scientific paper “The logic of information and processes in system-of-systems applications” by Patrik Eklund, Mats Johansson and Jari Kortelainen has been published. You can find the paper under Publications, or downloaded directly below.

Logic and many-valuedness as proposed in this paper enables to describe underlying logical structures of information as represented within industrial processes, and as part of their respective markets.

We underline the importance of introducing classification structures in order to enable management of information granularity within and across subsystems in aa system-of-systems. The logic of information and process is a main contribution of this paper, and our illumination of a system-ofsystems is drawn within the field of energy. In our process view we look closer into the power market with all its stakeholders, and e.g. as related to renewable energy. Supply, demand and pricing models are shown to become subjected to logical considerations.

In our approach we show how information and their structures are integrated into processes and their structures. Information structures build upon our many-valued logic modelling, and for process modelling we adopt the BPMN (Business Process Modeling Notation) paradigm.

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